Tuesday, October 24, 2006

10 things you would do for her

1. hold her luggage/books when ur walking with her.
2. a hug and a kiss a day will keep the sad faces away!
3. listen to her talk and not think of something else.
4. always try to pay for her stuff and not let her pay for it.
5.look into her eyes smiling and try to think of what shes thinking of.
6. when shes sad and emotional, be there for her and do wat it takes to make her smile again.
7. when shes alone at nite, make sure to call her up and talk to her till she falls asleep.
8. when you think of her, time passes by and all the negativity disappears(not realli somefink for her but owell)
9.when you walk with her, make her feel shes safe and protect her from any meanies.
and finnaly
10. do all the little things that she doesnt seem to notice but one day she will notice that you do the slightest things to make her feel like shes the luckiest girl in the world.

I..\Y/...I I
I...\ /...I I

Friday, October 20, 2006

Somefink Random- Topic is "The Big Question"

aye guys..this been bothering me for a loong time now..still wondering is life betta as a guy or girl..? ur thoughts count =)

i've been thinkin it through and ive found the pros and cons of both sex.
Girls -Pro
- Manipulate Men
-Lesbians not as bad as Gays
-Girls toilets are daaaaaaaamn better then guys( at least u dont slip on stuff u dont wanna know wat it is)
-Girls are more easy to get along with
- Girls can were all sorts of clothings and still look good. e.g if guy weres lingerie :/ wont be as good lookin :S
- well thats all i can fink of rite now

Girl- Cons
- Bloody goes insane at least once a month
-Chance of getting attacked by hobos and getting stuff done is quite higher compared to men..
-Childbirth is bad :/ its like doing a really big poo for 12 hours straight :S
-not as physically strong but theres exceptions ( shirley beats me up ='(
-Seems to be quite vunerable when it comes to age/weight. 2 fings u should neva ask a girl unless they want to be asked but yea i dont know anyone.
-all i can fink of.

ok now for guys
Guys- Pros
-Ooo its ok to be fat just dont be super fat and cannot walk
-we are strong, we are invincible we are maaaaaaaaaaan!
-guys dont tend to get attacked by other men. only worry is about droppin the soap in the shower at prison, just make sure u squat not bend. squatting saves lives!
-we dont need to bive birth =)
-we are looked more as a powerful compared to women.

Guys - Cons
- 1 kick in the jimmy = KO
- farkin toilets are soo bad( y cant those assholes aim properly instead of shootin each other, jeez its like theres a sausage fest in the toilets)
- We are slaves to the women! ( well i am wat about u :O) im jk =) or am i?!??!?!
-we cant wear any fancy lingerie that women wear =(
-Always required to be seated as someone good lookin walks by... u'll get the drift..
-The boss always has a mind of its own, we just work here :/ ( hard 1 to explain =))

well this wat i came up with and i found that its betta to be a girl i rekon.

damn its like 5:30 in mornin already need sleep -.- but cant sleep group meetin in 4 hours T_T
see u all soon!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

these things you should never say

well this post goes out to those who have been like offended by previous one =( and to hm especially. i shouldnt have said wat i said but it was on good intentions i swear. like just for fun and stuff. like remember the times where u guys use to give me crap about chai lin and stuff? yea and u even wrote it in the girls bathroom at the cinemas? remember wat happened between me and chai lin? she like full ignored me to prove u guys wrong and we even stopped being friends (well thats wat i recall).

well im sorry.. just wanted to laugh around abit didnt know u would like get ultra mad =( well hope u see this before 2moro so u can re-consider before chopping me (like how eddy got chopped by chow wing wong) =)

yep anyways good luk on all ur marketing assignments, and betta get bak to doing mine =(


Monday, October 16, 2006

How to use this? / Ooo la la ]^.^

lol hi again =) this is soo hard to use it took me 30m to find out how to log in :S

shocking aint it. lol so whats good that happened today that eddy and i the damn old ci grannys like to bitch about :O

oh yes this one goes to huoy min *winks* how come u didnt say hi to *cough* gerrard *cough* he came to the marketing lecture to see u u know? (i kinda like convinced him to come :O) thank me later =). he was like fuuull wanting to chat to u ayes lol >.< heaps funny to joke about him to u lol. ur reaction is funny =).

oh wat about eugene now... i heard in marketing he walked in and everyone started laughing when he sat next to yl ^.^ , too bad i missed it =( i wonder if theres anyfink serious going on aye :O

and to u vanessa..lol eddy getting abit close aye O.o lol its funny to watch too bad he didnt do the old *yawn arm around shoulder* technique on u...lol would have been pretty omg..ahahaah!

well thats all i can remember for today...exept bloody shirley dumping me to go home instead of going with me to accounting class...ZzzZz -.- i went there alone.. and there were 9 ppl online how farkin awkward. abandoned so she could go home sigh...i feel so sad =(. its like left over pizza, gets thrown away next day :/

yea anyways thats all for now i guess..hope i dont die when u guys like finish readin...cause im gonna post more!! about this stuff :D!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

1st post?

hi guys i became sad like u all and decided to try out this stuff too =) ! umm. need someone to help me get this started =O its 2:20 am and im gonna sleep now =)

lol this is like embarrasing typing to myself and letting like random ppl see :O